Luggage wrapping

Pack&Fly customer service area welcomes passengers in the Departures Hall at Vilnius Airport.

Thanks to Pack&Fly, you can travel without worrying about your luggage security. With the help of modern equipment, the company’s team will wrap your suitcase in a transparent and durable film in several seconds and your luggage will be protected from:

  • accidental opening;
  • scratches;
  • precipitation or dirt;
  • insertion of illegal items without your knowledge.

In addition to your suitcase, Pack&Fly can also wrap:

  • boxes;
  • items in plastic packages;
  • golf bags;
  • backpacks;
  • strollers and child safety seats;
  • skis;
  • snowboards.

Extra protection for luggage

Luggage wrapping film is not the only way to secure your luggage. In Pack&Fly customer service area at Vilnius Airport you will find special products that will provide extra security to your items – TSA (US Transportation Security Administration) approved locks, covers for suitcases, luggage straps, etc.

Here you will also find various travel accessories - earplugs, sleep masks, pillows and other products that will make your trip more convenient.

Luggage storage

Pack&Fly customer service area also provides luggage storage where you can leave your items for storage.

Pack&Fly customer service area in the Departures Hall at Vilnius Airport is open 24 hours. For more information on Pack&Fly services, see here.

Lost baggage

UAB „Litcargus“

Phone +370 614 12881

UAB „Baltic Ground Services“

Phone +370 610 75212

For information on the terms and conditions and on the hand or hold baggage transportation regulations please contact your airline or its representatives.

IMPORTANT: aviation security regulations for hand luggage and new regulations for liquids on board.


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