Last year Lithuanian Airports recorded the fastest growth of the number of new employees in the history of the organisation.147 employees were recruited in 2022. The majority of them are aviation security and passenger service specialists and airport operators. This year, Lithuanian Airports plans to further increase its workforce and offer more than 40 different job positions.     

Danguolė Armanavičiūtė, Head of Human Resources at Lithuanian Airports, says that inspectors and operators will be among the most in-demand positions among airports in 2023, as they have a direct impact on airport processes and ensure the efficient operation of airports.    

“Lithuanian Airports are always looking for a wide range of employees - project managers in various fields, information technology experts, engineering, and operations specialists. Especially, we are pleased to see that the vacancies are being filled by employees who have previously worked at Lithuanian Airports. Over the past year, five colleagues who worked here before have returned to our organisation,” commented D. Armanavičiūtė, Head of Human Resources at Lithuanian Airports.

According to her, both returning and existing employees value the organisational culture at the airports, internal career opportunities and the openness of the organisation. A tenth of the organisation's employees had an internal career during 2022.  

“Among other factors, the uniqueness of the airport as a place to work is of paramount importance to us, and we're delighted that our new employees appreciate this. Last year, we invested heavily in our employer awareness campaign “Vienintelis toks” (en. The Only One Like This), and the results show that it has contributed strongly to the achievements, the engagement of existing employees and the record growth in the number of employees,” said D. Armanavičiūtė.   

Plans for 2023

The Head of Human Resources at Lithuanian Airports noted that the organisation has also managed to get close to its pre-pandemic number of employees by 2022. At the end of 2019, Lithuanian Airports had 662 employees, and at the end of December 2022, the organisation had 595 employees.    

“We are happy to see not only a recovery in aviation traffic, but also an active growth in the number of people working in the aviation sector. We have also managed to almost return to pre-pandemic levels in this area, and we plan to recruit more than 40 employees over the next year,” said D. Armanavičiūtė.   

Additional benefits for airport employees  

She also added that Lithuanian Airports provide additional benefits to their employees, such as flexible working hours, additional vacation days, health insurance, training for professional development, flexible working conditions and additional financial benefits.  

D. Armanavičiūtė pointed out that her choice to join the team of Lithuanian Airports was due to the fact that it is the only employer of its kind in Lithuania, which brings together a very complex team of aviation and other specialists.     

The Head commented that the company's values are aligned with her personal values, and that the company's approach to employees and its orientation towards employee engagement, motivation, psychological well-being, competence development, talent management and career planning are very important to her. The organisation also focuses on gender equality in all areas - for example, there is an equal proportion of both men and women in management positions, and almost equal gender ratio at middle management level.

For those interested in working at Lithuanian Airports, please visit the website to find all available positions:

Last updated: 2023 02 06 16:41

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