Preparations for the launch of the car ramp or Kiss and Fly barrier-free system are underway at Vilnius Airport. With the introduction of the new short stop system at the beginning of next year, drivers will be able to stop for up to 10 minutes in the controlled area and release passengers during this time. Longer parking will be charged.


The winner of the public tender for the installation of the new system, Unipark (LLC Stova), has undertaken to carry out the ramp control and tax administration work at the passenger departure terminal. The installation of the new traffic control system will begin immediately after the ramp repair, which will be completed in mid-October.


Dainius Čiuplys, the head of Vilnius Airport, points out that the first lane will include specially designated areas for short passenger drop-offs, while the second will only be used for vehicles leaving after the passengers have left. Vehicles entering and exiting the ramp will be captured for stop control and charging.


“We will install a barrier-free access control system and digital entry, and exit cameras will record the time of entry and exit of vehicles. As the car exits, the system will calculate the amount of time spent on the ramp and assess whether the allowed parking time has been exceeded”, explains the head of the airport.


Under the new rules, every driver who wants to get to the departure terminal and leave passengers will be allowed on the ramp once an hour for free and for a maximum of 10 minutes.


The head of Vilnius Airport says that such a system is needed to reduce traffic congestion at the airport access because drivers often do not comply with the requirements of the driveway and not only see off the passengers but also park on ramps, although this is forbidden.


“We are confident that the changes will, above all, provide greater convenience for passengers. The traffic system will be clearer and more efficient, drivers will know where and when they can drive and passengers will feel safer. We will reduce traffic congestion and optimize the need for the police, as well as facilitate faster access to emergency services in the event of a disaster”, says D. Čiuplys.


The new system is expected to start operating at the capital's airport already in early 2020. Vilnius Airport will seek to minimize discomfort to passengers during the short stops installation work.


About Vilnius Airport


Vilnius Airport is a part of the Lithuanian Airport Network, which operates three airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. During 2018 they served $6.3 million passengers and 61 thousand flights. During the summer season, 14 airlines fly to 86 destinations in 67 cities in 27 countries.

Last updated: 2019 09 20 08:48