From the end of March, “Lufthansa”, one of Europe's leading airlines, will operate direct scheduled flights with four of its group airlines for the first time in history at Vilnius Airport. “Lufthansa”, “Swiss”, “Austrian Airlines” and “Brussels Airlines”, all part of the German capital group, will fly passengers to four destinations.

According to representatives of Lithuanian Airports, “Lufthansa” and “Swiss” airlines are already operating flights to Frankfurt and Zurich, and from the end of March (26 March) two more routes will start: “Austrian Airlines” will fly directly to Vienna and “Brussels Airlines” to Brussels.

“In aviation, seasonality has a significant impact on demand and therefore on route planning, which is why some flights are suspended during the winter season. However, we can see that from the start of the summer season at the end of March, we will have a wider choice of traditional carriers than ever before at Vilnius Airport. The “Lufthansa” group is a powerful participant in the aviation market of the old continent, which is not only currently operating flights, but will also expand its operations in Lithuania,” says Tomas Zitikis, Head of Route Development at Lithuanian Airports.

According to him, Frankfurt and Zurich are not only important locations for the development of business partnerships, but these flights also mean opportunities to travel to more distant countries via connecting flights, while Vienna and Brussels are important not only for business, but also for politics, and many of Lithuania's institutions are interested in connecting to them.

“We are very pleased to officially announce that “Brussels Airlines” direct flights between Vilnius and Brussels will start on 26 March and will continue until the end of October. The flights will operate four times a week and will improve opportunities for business and political partnerships, as well as providing an opportunity for other travellers to visit Brussels,” commented Joëlle Neeb, “Brussels Airlines” spokeswoman.

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Last updated: 2023 02 20 08:45