Simply put, the territory of Vilnius Airport Aerodrome has been turned in to a giant construction site for the last three years, where thousands of various construction specialists and machines are working non-stop. The works of the largest reconstruction project in the history of Lithuanian Airports have been performed without ceasing the usual operation of the airport or any downtime. The reconstruction works are planned to be completed in December of this year. The experts of the Vilnius Airport highlight the essential numbers and scale of the reconstruction works.

Almost 200 thousand square meters of new asphalt and concrete pavement has been laid down during the reconstruction works at the Vilnius Airport Aerodrome. The network for rainwater collection systems and gutter facilities stretch for more than 10 kilometres across the entirety of the aerodrome. More than 13 kilometres of new communication networks have been installed, including a new electricity supply network that is almost 76 kilometres in length.

These are just some of the completed works from the massive list within the drawn up reconstruction project of the Vilnius Airport Aerodrome. The project is planned to be implemented and completed by the end of the year.

Timely investments

Head of Operations and Infrastructure Department Dainius Čiuplys notes that the scale of construction works launched in the year 2019 managed to overshadow the aircraft runway reconstruction works in the year 2017. 

‘The renovation of the infrastructure of Vilnius Airport Aerodrome is one of the largest project to be implemented and completed within the airport during the entire period since the country regained their independence. The project implementation phase took several years; therefore, we are truly happy that all of the completed works adhered to the rigid timetable of the aforementioned project. The investments in to the renovation of the aerodrome were made at the time when the aviation sector - affected by the ongoing pandemic – gained pace of rapid recovery; therefore, the broadened scope of provided services allowing for more rapid and efficient servicing of various types of aircrafts will further help the recovery of the aviation sector gain pace’, says D. Čiuplys. 

D. Čiuplys also believes that the implementation and completion of a large-scale project during such a stressful period for the aviation sector further proves that Lithuanian Airports managed to bring together specialists of the highest competence.

In October of this year, Lithuanian airports served 368 thousand passengers. This is almost five times as much as at the same time last year, when Lithuanian Airports served only 77 thousand passengers. The majority of the passengers - more than 287 thousand - were served at Vilnius Airport. In comparison with the record-breaking month of October in the year 2019 - when Lithuanian Airports managed to serve 622 thousand passengers - this year, Lithuanian Airports managed to recover 60 percent of the passenger traffic. Experts believe that such increase in number of served flights allows for the presumption to be made that the aviation sector is in a very favourable position and will continue to grow.

What works were performed?

The value of the reconstruction works (the entirety of the project scope) performed at Vilnius Airport Aerodrome amounts to more than 36 million EUR (excluding VAT).

The largest amount of the aforementioned sum – 14.1 million EUR – was allocated towards the reconstruction and extension works of the northern platform. The aforementioned platform has been expanded by constructing 8 additional aircraft parking lots, including 5 additional parking spaces for aircrafts of larger size. Renovation works of the concrete parking lots and laying down of new asphalt pavement. Installation of an underground electrical system (GPU) for charging of aircraft equipment. Installation of energy saving LED lighting system and environmentally sustainable solution for collection of surface water. Construction of new landings spaces designed for safe and efficient servicing of aircrafts during the winter season.

Another important part of the project was the reconstruction of the aircraft taxiway F, including construction works for the extension of the aforementioned taxiway length and width parallel to the main runway. The reconstruction works amounted to 10.5 million EUR. The length of the aforementioned taxiway has been extended up to 2500 metres. In addition, the taxiway was equipped with energy saving LED lighting system and a more advanced collection and cleaning system of surface water.

The total amount of investments into the de-icing platforms, collection system for surface water and sewerage cleaning facilities amounted to more than 7 million EUR. The construction works for the automated aircraft de-icing and sewerage cleaning facility are planned to start in the year 2022. The aforementioned facility will allow for the liquids to be collected, treated and re-used.

Investments for the construction of the new taxiway Z amounted to 1.3 million Eur. The aforementioned taxiway allowed for the connection of the northern platform with the runway threshold runway and taxiway F.

The demolition works of the taxiway A and repairs of the signalling light system and pavement of taxiway E amounted to 0.7 million EUR.

The Vilnius Airport Aerodrome reconstruction project included for the installation of nearly a thousand of new LED fixtures within the runways. Said fixtures will reduce the consumption of electrical energy by at least a fifth of the total consumption.

As stated by D. Čiuplys, the renovation of the infrastructure of Vilnius Airport Aerodrome in accordance with applicable international standards will allow for a more secure operation of the Airport, more efficient and faster servicing of aircrafts, as well as increase in number of flights.

We would also like to note that the works of the largest project ever are planned to be completed in December of this year.

About Lithuanian Airports

Lithuanian Airport network comprises of three airports located in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. In 2020, Lithuanian Airports served 1.8 million passengers and completed 30 thousand of flights.

Last updated: 2021 12 10 13:42

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