During the whole weekend Vilnius was dominated by the marathon of events under the title “French Holidays” organised by “Go Vilnius”, which also included an initiative of Lithuanian Airports “Flight around the world challenge: abandon the sofa for a plane seat”, that received a lot of attention by the citizens of the city and guests thereof. The challenge which invited to spend as much time sitting as a theoretical trip around the equator of the world has a winner after a fierce competition. The winner received the main prize presented by airBaltic – a business-class trip to Paris for two.


Three out of four participants who decided to accept the challenge succeeded in accomplishing it. They determinedly sat the entire expected time, which was almost 45 hours. Therefore, the winner had to be drawn out of the three candidates. One of the participants fell out having sat for almost 42 hours. The main prize – a trip to Paris and back for two by business class was won by Jūratė from Vilnius. Having assessed the determination of the participants and their will, airline Air Baltic decided to give presents to the other two participants who completed the challenge as well as the participant, who left the challenge being not far from the finish line, the prize for each of them was a ticket Vilnius – Paris - Vilnius. 


“We are glad that the event received so much attention and involvement. There were sixteen more people, who had signed up in line and were ready to take over the sitting challenge in case any of the initial participants broke down. Their enthusiasm has only proven once again that the desire to travel has not disappeared and also that there is no disaster which could take away the desire to get to know the world. We wish all the participants wonderful experiences in Paris”, stated the Head of Aviation Services Unit Aurimas Stikliūnas.


The organisers were surprised by the determination of the participants. Nobody expected that the initial participants would sit the entire time of flight around the world, without conceding their place to other persons who registered and waited in line. Among the activities that made it easier for the participants to endure the waiting, summer heat and other circumstances was book reading, solving crosswords, Rubik’s cube, yoga exercises, browsing mobile telephone, watching movies, dancing while seated and many others.


Besides the ticket to Paris by business class for two, the winner of the first place also won a visit to Business Lounge of Vilnius Airport as well as priority check service at Vilnius Airport. All others received flights for one Vilnius – Paris – Vilnius as well as books “Pažink Prancūziją: keliauk, ragauk, patirk” (“Get to Know France: Travel, Taste, Experience”) presented by publishing house “Terra Publica”.


The participants who were willing to participate in the challenge did not have to register in advance. Those who were the first to show up at sports field near the White Bridge were lucky to try out in this unique experience.


When competing for the prize, the participants were allowed to use all smart gadgets, but they were not allowed to recharge them. They were also forbidden to smoke or consume alcoholic beverages, energy drinks as well as to sleep or close their eyes for periods longer than 5 minutes.


Many citizens of the town came to the sports field to support their favourites. Attractions and opportunity to win various prizes related to traveling awaited those who arrived there.  


According to A. Stikliūnas, this unconditional challenge demonstrated not only the ability of the participants to sit, which was enhanced during the quarantine, but also that the desire to travel did not go away and that it could be easily fulfilled. Almost 70 directions can be visited from Lithuanian Airports already. Therefore, without any doubts, each passenger may find at least one direction suitable for going on holiday safely. Both the airports and the airlines put a lot of efforts in order to ensure the safety of the passengers.


Before selecting the flight, the representatives of the airports encourage the passengers to find out about the safety situation at the respectful country that is intended to be visited at the website of the Ministry of Health. While they are prompted to find out the information on what requirements for the passengers are applicable in different countries and after their return to Lithuania at the constantly updated websites of Lithuanian Airports.


About Lithuanian Airports


Three air gates at Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga belong to the network of Lithuanian Airports. During 2019 they provided services to 6.5 million passengers and 62 thousand flights.

Last updated: 2020 07 22 08:54

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