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2018 07 12

New member has joined the Lithuanian Airports Board

A new member has now joined the Lithuanian Airports Board. Adamas Ilkevičius has over twenty years of international work experience and most recently has been working with state-run and large-scale companies, managing and controlling the efficiency of operations and integrating changes.

Adamas Ilkevičius, who previously worked in Scandinavia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and CIS countries, is the Deputy Director General and Director for Strategy and Development of AB “Lithuanian Railways”.

Chair of the Lithuanian Airports Board Tomas Krakauskas believes that extensive competences of Adamas Ilkevičius will make a significant contribution in achieving the main goals of the company including increasing the country’s outreach and ensuring high-quality customer service and profitable company management.

The Lithuanian Airports Board aims to gather the most accomplished professionals from different fields around one table, who could integrate the highest standards of corporate governance into the operations of the company thus ensuring the company’s success. “I am confident that the contribution of Adamas Ilkevičius, who has accumulated years of experience in the transport and oil industries, will enrich our operations and provide an opportunity to view the set goals from a different perspective,” says Tomas Krakauskas.

“Work with Lithuanian Airports presents a new challenge. I believe that many years of experience in the business sector will help me bring new ideas to the company and contribute to the development of its strategy. Together with the team we will strive to make this state-owned enterprise competitive in the region and realise its full potential,” states the new member of the Board.

Until the beginning of 2018, Adamas Ilkevičius worked as an Executive Director of Optimisation and Transformation at the Kazakhstan-based “Samruk-Kazyna” Fund, which manages more than 400 national transport, energy and manufacturing companies with a market capitalisation of 70 billion US dollars.

Adamas Ilkevičius also led and advised companies on transformation programs in Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

In addition to Adamas Ilkevičius, the Lithuanian Airports Board has two more independent members: Investment Manager of “Girteka Logistics” Tomas Krakauskas and Ramūnas Bagdonas, the Head of “Telia Company’s” Human Resources Division.

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Andrius Šniuolis and Janina Laskauskienė are also members of the Lithuanian Airports Board.   

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