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2018 07 12

Vilnius Airport introduces new parking spaces for meeting the passengers

Very soon, guests driving to pick someone up from Vilnius Airport will be able to use a larger short-term car park. Car park, located right in front of the Arrivals Terminal, will be equipped with 10 new parking spaces by the end of July.

“We are happy to see rapidly growing traveller numbers in Vilnius Airport. It encourages us to continuously improve the quality of our services and increase the capacity of the airport’s infrastructure,” says Director of Vilnius Airport Justinas Stepšys. “We are currently working on improving and enlarging the short-term car par, which can be used free of charge by guests picking up their relatives or tourists”.

“Kauno Tiltai”, contractor on this project, started renovation works at the end of June and plans to finish them within a month. Vilnius Airport Director believes that car park works should not cause any inconvenience to the passengers. However, he also reminds that in order to avoid any last-minute problems passengers are advised to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled flight time.

“Like before, passengers can be dropped off right next to the Departures Terminal, on the second floor, while three short-term car parks equipped next to the Arrivals Terminal are available for passenger pick up. Free of charge 15 minute parking is available on the central car park every three hours,” reminds Justinas Stepšys.

Driving to the airport using your own car is still one of the most popular options among the Lithuanian travellers. However, passengers and their relatives are also encouraged to use a convenient public transport system.

“It takes 7 minutes by train to reach Vilnius Airport from the Vilnius Railway Station. 3G Express bus operates more often and can take passengers to the city centre in 20 minutes. Last year, bus trip to and from the airport became even more convenient, as airport bus stop was relocated right next to the Arrivals Terminal,” says Vilnius Airport Director.

Passengers wishing to reach Vilnius Old Town in a quick and comfortable manner are invited to use bus No. 88. Every twenty minutes it takes passengers from the airport to the city centre and back while stopping at all major hotels as well as Vilnius Old Town. It also operates in the night.

Special “Airport Express” Bus offers a direct route from the airport to the bus station. It operates every 20 minutes.

Vilnius Airport also offers convenient direct bus routes to Klaipėda, Minsk, Riga and other cities. These routes are operated by a number of private carriers. A designated bus stop for inter-city buses is located only 30 metres away from the Arrivals Terminal.

“One more way to get to Vilnius Airport is by using a ride or car sharing services. P2 short-term parking lot located right next to the Arrivals Terminal allows arriving and departing passengers to use one of the “CityBee” cars at any time,” adds Justinas Stepšys.

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