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2018 07 05

Automatic boarding control gates - the latest smart innovation at Vilnius Airport

Reconstruction of Vilnius Airport terminal, which started at the beginning of this year, will transform the country’s main airport into a more convenient and innovative space for passengers. Incorporation of automatic boarding control gates will be one of major innovations set to be introduced to the airport’s passengers and will make the document check process noticeably faster. Innovative self-service system processes passenger information by analysing their biometric data.

“The biggest advantage of automatic boarding control gates is the fact that they will speed up the document check process for passengers travelling to or from non-Schengen countries. We strive to improve Vilnius Airport’s operation processes and ensure a pleasant experience for our passengers, so this innovative solution is an important qualitative step forward. I am confident that this innovation will receive great reviews from our customers, who will be able to try it very soon,” believes Vilnius Airport Director Justinas Stepšys. 

Once a passenger steps in front of the gates, their passport will be scanned by the system, which will simultaneously check passenger’s biometric data including their face and finger print against their passport photo and finger print data. Once there is a match, the gates will open and the passenger will be able to continue their journey. In case of any discrepancies, State Border Guard Service officials will provide assistance in the document verification process.

Justinas Stepšys also adds that once automatic boarding control gates are introduced, measures will be taken to assist passengers when using these latest technologies. Consultants will be on hand to provide information on using the gates while screens at the aviation security check zone will show instructional videos.

According to the plans, EU passport holders will be able to use automatic boarding control gates in summer 2019, allowing the system to be fully tested and approved by experts beforehand. Both arrivals and departures halls will be equipped with four sets of automatic boarding control gates each. Notably, State Border Guard Service check posts will continue to operate as non-EU passport holders will still have to go through individual document checks.

Passengers holding passports with integrated biometric data including a face scan and fingerprints will be able to use automatic boarding control gates. Passports recognising biometric data have been issued in Lithuania since 29 June 2009.

It is planned that contract with a company set to install automatic boarding control gates should be signed at the end of the year. Installation works should take place next spring.


At present, automatic boarding control gate system successfully operates in Amsterdam, Naples, Copenhagen, Munich, Helsinki and other major European airports.

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