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2018 07 04

New “Crustum Café” opens at Vilnius Airport to the delight of guests awaiting arrivals

Now the airport will be even more convenient for both arriving passengers and those coming to meet them. Last week, a second “Crustum Bakery” opened its doors at Vilnius Airport, this time located at the Arrivals Terminal. Its working hours will be coordinated with the night flight schedule.

“We always strive to improve the airport and make it a nice place to come back to and wait for your flight or arriving friends or family. The first “Crustum Café” in the Departures Terminal is highly regarded by our customers. Therefore, we are very excited to introduce a more comfortable arrivals space. Not only incoming passengers, but also airport guests awaiting in the Arrivals Terminal, will now be able to enjoy a freshly baked pastry and a cup of coffee,” states the Head of Lithuanian Airports Strategic Communication Department Agnė Mažeikytė.

“We want to enable everyone to have a nice cup of coffee, even guests awaiting arrivals after midnight. We will use only the highest quality coffee machines at the bakery, same ones we use when participating in barista championships. We are confident that the most delicious night time coffee will be served at Vilnius Airport,” believes coffee expert and Crustum Network Manager Jonas Margelis.

Vaida Bieliauskaitė, Head of Personnel at “Crustum” Franchise operating at the airport, says that the new bakery’s opening times will depend on the flight schedule, but according to current plans, it should operate from 7 o’clock in the morning to at least 1 o’clock in the night.

The range of snacks will consist of all our customer favourite baked goods ranging from fresh croissants to delicious éclairs and sandwiches,” says Vaida Bieliauskaitė.

“Crustum Bakery”, located between the A and C Arrival Halls, opened the doors to its first customers last Monday.

Previously, Vilnius Airport guests could choose from ten cafés, bars and restaurants operating on its territory. Two of them are located in the open airport zones that serve not only passengers, but also any visitor coming to see someone off or pick up travellers.

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