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2017 10 02

Passengers of Vilnius airport will have a more convenient access to public transport

Since now on reaching Vilnius Airport will be easier and more convenient – since 2 October, renovated airport facilities have been welcoming residents and guests of the city traveling by public transport. According to the Vilnius city municipality company “Susisiekimo Paslaugos”, in order to ensure better access to the airport when traveling by public transport, the previously existed public transport station was moved closer to the entrance.

“An increasing number of people has been coming to the airport each year, which comes as a result of continuously increasing number of flights and passengers. We engaged in infrastructure renovation works to make sure that their traveling was simpler and more convenient. Since now on, city buses will wait for passengers having arrived to Vilnius airport right next to the arrival terminal door. Trips of passengers departing from the capital will also be easier - their path to the departure hall will be much shorter” - said Olaf Martens, CEO of Vilnius Airport.

Since now on, city buses having come to the airport will pass rising barriers, enter the specifically designated traffic lane and will go to the city in their regular tracks after picking up the passengers. Schedules of buses No. 1, 2, 88, 88N and 3G going to the airport will change considering the said changes. Electronic message boards also inform about city buses coming to the airport.

Since 2 October, convenient changes have been planned in itineraries of buses No. 88 and 88N Airport – Railway Station – Old Town –Independence square. Since now on, these routes will become fast access routes going from the airport to the city centre, with the new itinerary being called Airport–City Centre–Europe Square. Moreover, brand new buses will serve these routes.

“We are happy to see public transport go back to front ranks. Since now on, trips in bus No 88 will be faster - the bus will stop less often, while guests of the city will be able to reach Vilnius Old Town, namely, the Gates of Dawn and other places of interest, in public transport. This route will be served by new buses only, and they will be exclusively decorated. Thus public transport will be clearly visible, while traveling to the centre of Vilnius will cost less than one euro – same public transport tickets can be used in buses“, – Vaidotas Meškauskas, Head of General Affairs Department of SĮ “Susisiekimo Paslaugos”, acting Director, named the advantages.

Buses going in the new itinerary will no longer stop at the railway station or the Old Town, but will rather go via Liepkalnio, Bazilijonų, Pylimo, Jogailos and Vilniaus streets towards Konstitucijos avenue. The buses will stop in the following stations: Airport, Aušros vartai, Vinco Kudirkos square, Europa square, thus hoping to ensure a more convenient and faster access to the airport. Both day and night schedules of buses serving the new itinerary are matched to flight times of the airport. Buses going during the day will depart every 20–22 minutes, while night buses will go every half an hour, with the first night bus leaving the airport at 11.30 p.m., and the last - at 4.30 a.m.

According to the CEO of Vilnius Airport, this is not the only novelty, which awaits passengers coming to Vilnius airport in public transport. This year, a new station for intercity and international coaches was set up next to the terminal.

“We seek for passengers and persons welcoming and seeing them off to have the widest possible spectrum of options to choose the most suitable means of transport for them to arrive to and depart from the airport,  thus there will be even more changes in the future”, – said O. Martensen.

New Vilnius city bus schedules are already available online at Schedules were also updated in public transport stations.

Information on the work of public transport and changes therein is available online at, on the social network and on mobile phones (, and is provided on the phone during working hours by calling (8 5) 210 7050.

About SĮ Susisiekimo Paslaugos

The municipal company SĮ Susisiekimo Paslaugos is the company in charge for transport in the city of Vilnius owned by Vilnius city municipality. The company organizes the work of public transport and ticket distribution system, administers local tolls and parking lots, maintains and operates the district traffic management system and supervises over the development of bicycle transport. Hundreds of thousands of residents and guests of the city traveling by cars, bicycles or public transport use the services of the company.

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