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2016 12 09

There will be More Passengers from Belarus at Lithuanian Airports

This year, on 22 December, permanent transportation of passengers from Belarus to the airports in Vilnius and Kaunas will begin. These regular daily trips will be carried out by “Ecolines”, the largest international carrier in the Baltic region. According to Lithuanian Airports, although many passengers from the neighbouring country use the services of Lithuanian airports today, regular trips to our country will help to attract even more Belarusians.

The promised daily trips from Minsk to Kaunas will be organised 3 times a day, while trips from Minsk to Vilnius will take place 4 times a day. The same buses will be used for trips back. A bus trip from Minsk to Vilnius should take approximately 4 hours, while a trip to Kaunas should take approximately 6.

“The decision to start these trips from Minsk to Vilnius and Kaunas airports was very simple: we took into account the passengers’ wishes. Until now, there have been no regular carriers to transport passengers from Belarus to Lithuanian airports. So, we will be the first to organise regular trips to the country’s airports for the passengers’ convenience. In addition, we will make sure that all passengers have access to our regular bus services: complimentary drinks, comfortable seats, multimedia, etc.,” says Remigijus Dvareckas, the head of the Lithuanian-Polish region of the international carrier “Ecolines”, about the new routes.

Indrė Baltrušaitienė, the Head of Communication and Marketing Division of Lithuanian Airports, commented on the regular trips from Belarus to Vilnius and Kaunas airports and emphasised that such a decision will greatly facilitate connectivity for the passengers from the neighbouring country.

“When we watch the flows of passengers from neighbouring countries, we see that the number of people coming from Belarus increases. However, until now they have been unable to reach our airports directly and conveniently from their country. Therefore, since now regular trips to Vilnius and Kaunas airports are available, we can expect that there will be even more Belarusians who choose our services,” says I. Baltrušaitienė.

About “Ecolines”

“Ecolines” is the largest and the most experienced international bus carrier in the Baltic states, in Europe and in CIS countries that offers comfortable trips to 20 countries and 205 cities. The company has been operating on the market of international bus transportation for 20 years. During most trips organised by the company, passengers have access to high-quality free Internet connection. During long-distance travel, specially trained attendants ensure that the passengers are comfortable.

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