By bus

There is a direct bus line from Vilnius city to Vilnius Airport.
The price of a single ticket (when purchasing in the bus) – EUR 1.

Public transportation in the city starts running at around 5 o’clock in the morning and stops at around midnight.

You can reach the centre of Vilnius city from the airport by bus in just 20 minutes.

The following buses from from/to Vilnius airport:

  • No. 3G – Airport–Center–Fabijoniškės
  • No. 1 – Airport– Vikingai St.–Station
  • No. 2 – Airport– Vikingai–Liepkalnio St.–Station
  • No. 88 – Airport–Center–Europa square
  • No. 88N* – Airport–Center–Europa square

*88 bus runs at night from 22:30 to 05:30. 

Transport tickets:

SINGLE TICKET. On board you may buy a single ticket from the driver. Its price without a discount is EUR 1. The ticket will be valid up to the last stop of the route.

VILNIEČIO CARD. If you plan spending more time in Vilnius, we recommend you buy Vilniečio Card and top it up with e-tickets or money. Vilniečio Card, which costs EUR 15, is available at Narvesen store located in the airport (Arrival A or Departure), in the city – in all the venues marked by sign Vilniečio Card. You may top up your Vilniečio Card with a desired amount right away. When on board touch a yellow composter with the card and the activated ticket will become valid.

If you arrive to Vilnius for short stay, the following public transportation tickets are recommended:

  • Vilniečio Card – EUR 1.50. 
  • 30 min. ticket – EUR 0.65. 
  • 60 min. ticket – EUR 0.90. 
  • 1-day ticket – EUR 5.00. 
  • 3-day ticket – EUR 8.00.
  • 5-day ticket – EUR 12.00. 
  • 10-day ticket – EUR 15.00.

The prices are quoted without concessions. For special rates applicable to students, pensioners and disabled, enquire at ticket outlets or visit the website of Vilnius public transportation at:

MOBILE APPLICATION. You may pay for tickets and plan a journey using a trafi application – this is especially convenient and simple. It is important to have an internet connection. Using this application you may acquire the desired quantity of tickets you need, therefore you will be able to purchase and activate a ticket for both, yourself and the passenger travelling with you.

Night buses 88N:

If your scheduled flight is operated late at night or early in the morning, we recommend using a night bus 88N, that runs each night on the route Airport–Center–Europa square. 

Bus 88 runs at night from 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. 

When taking night bus 88N, we recommend you carry some cash, as only tickets acquired from the driver are valid. Ticket price – EUR 1.


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