Aerodrome reconstruction

The largest infrastructure reconstruction project in the history of Vilnius Airport, which has been intensively carried out for three years at the airport's aerodrome, has been completed. The completion of all the works, the most important of which are the reconstruction of the new northern apron and the extension of Taxiway F, will increase the efficiency of aircraft traffic management on the apron, reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce the overall electricity consumption of the airport.


  • Project's start: 2019.
  • Project's end: December 2021.
  • Contractor: Most of the works were carried out by construction company “Kauno Tiltai”, while the rest - by company “Fegda”.
  • During construction works, airport operations were not interrupted. 
  • This is the largest reconstruction project in Vilnius Airport's history. 


14-01-2021: Vilnius Airport completes largest infrastructure reconstruction project in Lithuania’s history


26-11-2021: Vilnius Airport sees record wide-body traffic with numbers set to grow after aerodrome reconstruction completion

16-11-2021: Experts present reconstruction works on Vilnius Airport’s aerodrome

05-11-2021: Reconstruction of Vilnius Airport aerodrome is moving towards the end

11-12-2020: Vilnius Airport eyes quicker and more sustainable aircraft handling after completing taxiway renovation

26-06-2020: Vilnius Airport opens new aircraft parking stands and installs underground electical systems

12-06-2020: Vilnius Airport starts reconstruction of taxiways and apron

06-11-2019: Vilnius Airport will purchase aerodrome reconstruction works with focus on the environment





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