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2011 11 08

SAS Revenue and Passenger Numbers continue going up

During January – September 2011 SAS Group revenue came up to MSEK 31,248 and increased by 2,7 % if compared to 2010 results (MSEK 30,417). Net income for the period was MSEK 392 while in 2010 it was negative (MSEK -2,265). Number of passengers went up by 1.7 million or 9.4%.

Ms Ruta Juciene, Representative Manager, Lithuania pointed out that despite facing an increasingly intense competitive situation, major capacity increases have been implemented in several SAS principal markets and SAS succeeded in raising the number of passengers on many routes. SAS focus on the leisure travel segment has proven to be successful and this was reflected in the record-high load factor during the summer. SAS's customer satisfaction continued to improve and the Group continued to deliver world-class punctuality.

According to her, forecast for 2011 stands firm, but with deteriorating conditions. Jet-fuel prices, additional capacity in the market, global economic developments and the uncertainty regarding Spanair result in greater challenges. Provided that no unexpected events occur, the potential remains for the SAS Group to achieve marginally positive income before tax for full-year 2011.

Important event during the period was the launch of SAS new 4Excellence strategy with the aim of achieving excellence in four core areas by 2015 - Commercial Excellence, Sales Excellence, Operational Excellence and People Excellence.

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