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2017 06 15

Passenger Throughput in Vilnius Airport Increases

Passenger traffic increased by 14%.

According to Olaf Martens, CEO of Vilnius Airport, passenger traffic at Lithuanian Airports increased by 14% this year, which is more than the projected increase. Although six baggage handling devices operating at Vilnius Airport this year allow screening 810 passengers per hour on average, it was not always enough.

“In May, we handled about 400,000 people, so some passengers, unfortunately, were forced to wait in lines longer than usual. We would like to apologise to all passengers for any inconvenience caused by this. We take this problem very seriously and we are doing all we can to solve it as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Now, the throughput is being gradually increased, and the passengers will be able to see the changes more clearly after the reconstruction of the runway and the terminal,” says O. Martens.

Screening Waiting Times will be Shorter

Recently, another (the seventh) screening device was installed in the aviation security check area at Vilnius airport, so passenger screening will be 14% faster. Passenger handling speed has increased due to the reorganised waiting procedure. Border control procedures have become faster due to the increased number of officers of the State Border Guard Service working during peak periods.

According to O. Martens, after the runway reconstruction (from 14 July to 18 August) in Vilnius Airport, waiting times for passengers will become even shorter because passenger handling lines will be reorganised and new desks will be installed during the reconstruction. Due to these changes, passenger throughput will be additionally increased by 20% by the end of the year.

Also, the throughput will increase by 25% after the expansion of the aviation security check area and the installation of two new security scanners next year. The improvements will not stop here, however, as changes to improve handling speed are planned for 2019 as well as 2020.

It should be noted that longer lines at Vilnius Airport form during three so-called peak periods: from 4 to 6 a.m., during midday, and from 3 to 4 p.m. During these periods, all checkpoints are operational at the airport, while during other times, a smaller number of them is used.

About Lithuanian Airports

The network of Lithuanian Airports includes three air gateways in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga. In 2016, they handled 4.8 million passengers and 52,000 flights. During the summer season, 16 airlines offer 84 routes to 59 cities in 26 countries from Lithuanian airports. According to Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe), Lithuanian Airports contribute 2.5 per cent to Lithuania’s GDP.

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