Airport news

2011 02 07

Number of Reckless and Threat-Posing Actions of Passengers on the Increase
Since the beginning of the year, 7 passengers have already been reported to make a joke at the time of registration and security screening at Vilnius International Airport (VIA) that they carried explosives and other dangerous items. The total number of such incidents last year accounted for 11. Even if all such threat reports proved to be false, such a conduct is not tolerated at the airport and is deemed as actual threat.

2011 02 02

More on the Flights above Lithuania
Good news for aviation enthusiasts! We updated the section Air Traffic on the website of Vilnius Airport.

2011 02 01

Passenger Satisfaction with the Services at Vilnius Airport Makes a Leap up
A lot of travellers are satisfied with their experience at Vilnius Airport. According to a passenger survey conducted by a market analysis and research group RAIT UAB at the end of 2010, Vilnius Airport is convenient, small and cosy, it is easy to navigate, it offers fast servicing and it has attentive personnel.

2011 01 17

Estonian Air to expand its network by introducing a new route between Vilnius and Berlin
Estonian Air made this press release:

Starting from 1 May 2011, Estonian Air will operate four flights a week between Vilnius and Berlin Tegel, serving the route on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The route will be operated until 29 October 2011.

2011 01 06

Snow-rich winter season does not disturb the work of Vilnius Airport
While the airports across Europe can hardly tackle the problem of the onslaught of snow and snowstorms, which disturb the travel plans for thousands of passengers, the spree of winter did not disturb the work of Vilnius International Airport (VIA). Thus, the planes took off on schedule, even though the airport services admit that they had to work shoulder to shoulder.

2010 12 22

Santa Claus Sees Children Off from Vilnius Airport
On the occasion of the most beautiful holidays of the year, Vilnius Airport shares festive joy with little travellers flying from Vilnius and presents them with even more Christmas delights.

2010 12 21

Room of Prayer opened at Vilnius Airport
On Monday, the Room of Prayer was opened and sanctified at Vilnius International Airport (VIA). All passengers waiting for their flights will have the opportunity to stay and pray in a silent and calm room void of any usual noises of the airport at any time of the day.

2010 12 14

Lufthansa expects passenger record in Lithuania in 2010. Enhanced schedule in summer 2011 for more passenger flexibility and comfort
Lufhansa made this press release:

Lufthansa today announced that it expects its business in Lithuania to break new records this year. The leading European airline with 18 years of operational expertise in Lithuania observes unprecedented passenger growth on routes to and from Vilnius and reacts with an enhanced schedule for summer timetable 2011 resulting in more flexibility and comfort for customers.

2010 11 26

Vilnius Airport welcomed Santa Claus from the North
On Thursday, Santa Claus landed at Vilnius Airport. Accompanied by elves Santa came by plane from Santa Village situated in Rovaniemi (Finland). After a little break at the airport, he went to Vilnius to meet with children.

2010 11 12

Engineering Facilities of Vilnius Airport Have Been Entrusted to Private Business
Vilnius International Airport (VIA) has decided to terminate one of its activities, namely technical maintenance of engineering facilities, and has entrusted it to a private company. The airport aims at reducing its operating costs and improving quality of services.