Airport news

2017 03 16

Lithuanian Airports: we had 15 percent more passengers in February compared to last year
February did not become any exception for Lithuanian Airports rejoicing over an impressive growth in the number of passengers and flights. Compared to the last month of the winter season of 2016, almost 15 percent more passengers were served in the country this year, while the number of flights increased by one tenth. Lithuanian Airports served a total of more than 325 000 passengers and nearly 3 700 flights in February.

2017 03 13

Lessons of Italians and Austrians before the Reconstruction of the Runway at Vilnius Airport
The reconstruction of the runway at Vilnius Airport, which will begin on 14 July, will become the most important event on the Lithuanian aviation market this year. However, works of this type are not a rarity worldwide as similar reconstructions have been successfully completed at Milan/Bergamo Airport and at the airport in Klagenfurt, the sixth largest Austrian city. Italian and Austrian experience is appreciated by Lithuanians, so the works in the largest airport in Lithuania will be carried out according to advice given by foreign colleagues.

2017 03 08

Lithuanian Airports: During Negotiations with Airlines, Arguments Based on Numbers are Most Important
Although over the course of this year ten new routes will become available from the three airports in the country, Lithuanian Airports intend to continue expanding their routes map. However, they plan to do this after conducting a survey of the country’s businessmen and taking their actual needs into consideration. Thoughts on essential flight destinations were shared by representatives of various public bodies responsible for the promotion of tourism and export and the attraction of investments to our country during a discussion organised by Lithuanian Airports.

2017 03 07

Lithuanian Airports: We Expect Carriers to Ensure Smooth Functioning of Transport between the Airports in Vilnius and Kaunas
The reconstruction of the runway in Vilnius Airport, which will begin on 14 July, will make Kaunas the centre of Lithuanian aviation until 18 August. However, to ensure that the trip to Kaunas Airport is pleasant, it is particularly important to make sure that interurban transport is convenient, regular, and frequently available. Today, Lithuanian Airports sent a letter to carrier companies and encouraged them to fully commit to passenger transportation to and from Kaunas Airport.

2017 02 27

The Year 2016 Made Lithuanian Airports the Leader in the Baltic Region
Passenger flows that increased by a double digit as well as new flights and the most impressive pace of activities throughout the region of the Baltic Sea last year. These are the results achieved by Lithuanian Airports, whose successful growth was noticed by the UK newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”.

2017 02 24

Vilnius and Palanga will Have an Air Bridge to the Cultural Capital of Russia
As early as at the end of spring, it will again be possible to reach Saint Petersburg, which is considered to be the cultural capital of Russia, by air from Lithuania. The Russian airline “RusLine” announced the new destination from Palanga and the return of the old destination to Vilnius.

2017 02 22

The agreement was signed with Vilnius Airport runway reconstruction contractors
Lithuanian Airports signed Vilnius Airport runway reconstruction works contract with the consortium of the companies led by the Latvian company A.C.B. A contractor will have 35 days - from July 14 to August 18 - to carry out the runway reconstruction. Preparatory works will begin in March, whereas the whole reconstruction is planned to be finished at the end of autumn, 2017.  

2017 02 02

Ryanair celebrates 10 million customers in Lithuania
Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, today (2 Feb) celebrated carrying 10 million customers in Lithuania since it commenced operations in Kaunas in 2005. This summer Ryanair will offer Lithuanian customers a choice of 33 routes, including 6 new routes from Vilnius to Berlin Schönefeld, Leeds Bradford, Malta and Oslo, from Kaunas to Naples and from Palanga to Glasgow.

2017 01 30

The Air Bridge from Vilnius to Vienna Turns 25 Years Old
“Austrian Airlines” has been transporting passengers from Vilnius to Vienna for 25 years. This is one of the oldest international air routes in Independent Lithuania.

2017 01 25

Google Maps Show the Inside of Vilnius Airport
Even more information is available about Vilnius Airport as from now on its internal map may be seen via the web mapping service offered by Google.