Airport news

2017 10 03

The Number of Passengers at Vilnius Airport Increases Again in Autumn
“After the runway reconstruction was completed, Vilnius Airport resumed its record-breaking rate of operations in September. During the first autumn month, almost 409 thousand passengers were handled in the capital, i.e. 10% more than during the same period last year.

2017 10 02

Passengers of Vilnius airport will have a more convenient access to public transport
Since now on reaching Vilnius Airport will be easier and more convenient – since 2 October, renovated airport facilities have been welcoming residents and guests of the city traveling by public transport. According to the Vilnius city municipality company “Susisiekimo Paslaugos”, in order to ensure better access to the airport when traveling by public transport, the previously existed public transport station was moved closer to the entrance.

2017 09 29

Lithuania`s government to continue the airport`s concession project
Yesterday, on September 29th, a newly-formed Government's strategic committee announced about continuing to develop Lithuanian Airports` concession project.

2017 09 13

Directly from Vilnius to Athens in the Summer of 2018
Next summer, passengers will be able to reach Athens, the capital of Greece, directly. The decision to organise flights between Vilnius and Athens twice a week from the beginning of June 2018 was announced by the Greek airline “Aegean Airlines”.

2017 08 18

Music was Played during the Arrival of the First Passengers at Vilnius Airport at Midnight
After the successful completion of the runway reconstruction at Vilnius Airport, on Friday night the first passengers returned to the renovated main airport in the country. In only a few minutes after the official end of the reconstruction, an aeroplane from Riga, and later an aeroplane from Warsaw, landed in the capital city. The first aeroplane took off from the reconstructed runway early in the morning on Friday.

2017 08 17

The Ribbon was Cut on the Reconstructed Runway: Aeroplanes Return to Vilnius after 35 Days
The challenge of the reconstruction of the runway at Vilnius Airport was successfully overcome. During the reconstructed runway opening ceremony that took place on Thursday in the afternoon, the red ribbon was cut and the completion of the works on time was celebrated. On Friday, most flights will return to Vilnius from Kaunas after a break of 35 days.

2017 08 14

Vilnius, 14 August: Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, today announced a new sunny route from Vilnius to Agadir in Morocco. The new service will commence on 1 November and will be operated weekly during the winter season. Seats on the new route can be booked at or via the free WIZZ mobile app from only €34.99*, which includes a free hand luggage allowance of up to 55x40x23cm maximum dimensions.

2017 08 07

Vilnius Airport runway already has a new pavement, reconstruction will be finished on time
Vilnius Airport runway reconstruction will be successfully completed, as scheduled, on August 17th, 23:59 p.m., notes Olaf Martens, director of Vilnius Airport. This conclusion is based on the evaluation of the current state of works: the contractors have already strengthened the ground around the runway, changed the old runway pavement with the new one as well as started installing drainage and rainwater collection systems.

2017 08 01

The Runway Reconstruction in Vilnius Airport will be Completed on Time
The runway reconstruction in Vilnius Airport will be successfully completed on time, as planned, at 23:59 on 17 August. This conclusion was reached after evaluating the current work completion state: contractors have already reinforced the base of the runway and have almost completed the new surface, they started installing the lights system, and the reconstruction of the rainwater collection and drainage systems is almost complete.

2017 07 14

Vilnius Airport is closed for runway reconstruction, Kaunas has become Lithuania`s capital of aviation
A significant increase in the number of staff, additional parking places and temporary terminals. This is how Kaunas has prepared for becoming the temporary capital of Lithuania`s aviation when, from July 14 to August 17 11:59 p.m., Vilnius Airport runway will be under reconstruction. For 35 summer days aviation activity in Vilnius Airport will not be carried out, and Kaunas Airport, with created temporary infrastructure, will be able to handle flights and passengers transferred from the main country`s air gate. In this period, it`s planned to move approx. 3100 flights and 300 thsd of passengers to Kaunas Airport.