Airport news

2017 05 26

Kaunas Airport Gets Ready to Take the Baton from Vilnius: Temporary Terminals are Being Built
From temporary departure and arrival terminals that are being built to additional aircraft parking – preparations for the significantly increased passenger flow are in full swing at Kaunas Airport. The temporary infrastructure that is being created and the airport apron that is being reconstructed at the moment will allow Kaunas to handle flights and passengers transferred from Vilnius Airport due to the reconstruction in the middle of summer.

2017 05 22

Aviation Expert: The Runway in Vilnius Airport should be Reconstructed Now, not Later
Although the condition of the runway in Vilnius Airport does not currently endanger planes that land or take off, to ensure complete safety, the runway must be reconstructed, according to the director of the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) Joris Gintilas. The aviation expert does not doubt that the runway reconstruction, which will take place in summer, is necessary and notes that it is more cost-effective to repair the runway now rather than later when the number of flights increases and the quality of the surface deteriorates further.

2017 05 17

Passenger habits prompted the idea to create an airports app
Passengers immersed in their phones and the lack of systemized information on airports is what prompted the idea to create FLIO, a mobile app, which currently unites more than 900 airports of the world, including all three Lithuanian air gates Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. A representative of the app developed in 2015 says that the app is the solution, which will meet all needs of Lithuanian Airports.  

2017 05 11

The Gift of Vilnius Airport to Passengers: More than a Thousand of New Vehicle Parking Spaces
Every year the passenger flows and the number of new flight routes increase in Vilnius Airport, so it increases the number of parking spaces for the clients’ vehicles. Today, on 11 May, the construction of the new parking lot begins: instead of the administrative building at Antano Gustaičio Street, a parking lot with 206 additional parking spaces for buses and passenger cars will be built in autumn.

2017 05 05

5 apps to be installed on the phone of each traveller
Once Lithuanian Airports join mobile app FLIO, which unites more than 900 airports throughout the world and provides the entire information about airports necessary before and during the flight, travellers will be able to enjoy even greater comfort during each trip. However, once they step out the airport, travellers also face a number of challenges, starting from the search for a bus stop of a bus which would take them to a hotel and ending with the finding of a cosy café or an inexpensive diner. With the approaching summer holiday season, please find a list of five smart apps, which will facilitate holiday planning and help avoid disappointments during the trip.    

2017 05 03

Lithuanian Airports Granted 70% More Dividends to the State
Lithuanian Airports, which are among the fastest growing airports in Europe, also have excellent financial indicators. According to audited data, in 2016 the income as well as the profit received by the company was growing several times faster than passenger flows, in comparison with the previous year. In addition, the company that includes the three airports in the country paid the state more than EUR 1.7 million as dividends, i.e. 70% more that in 2015.

2017 04 26

Now Lithuania is on the Radar of People Travelling the World
From now on, aeroplane flights will be even smarter and more convenient than before as Lithuanian Airports joined the global travel app FLIO, which includes over 900 airports all over the world. The app provides all information necessary during a trip on flights and airports in one place, so it will be easier for passengers in the airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga to find their way.

2017 04 21

Lithuanian Airports Start Implementing Ideas Suggested by Passengers
After learning about the passengers’ needs and expectations, Lithuanian Airports start implementing them. The passengers’ ideas, which would help improve aviation activity in the country, were selected as gifts last Christmas. On a website that was created specifically for holiday greetings, a total of 47 ideas were posted, and almost a half of them were selected for implementation after careful consideration.

2017 04 21

Lithuanian Airports - growing faster than the average in aviation market
The first quarter of 2017 in Lithuanian Airports was marked by significant results. Not only the number of passengers in the country’s airports exceeded one million and was 16% higher than during the same period last year, but also the number of flights in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga grew by 12% and amounted to 12,000.

2017 04 14

Lithuanian Airports Elected an Independent Chairman of the Board
On 11 April, the board of Lithuanian Airports, a company that incorporates and manages the airports in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga, elected a new chairman. The elected chairman was Tomas Krakauskas, who had worked as an independent board member for almost a year and a half.