Airport news

2017 07 14

Vilnius Airport is closed for runway reconstruction, Kaunas has become Lithuania`s capital of aviation
A significant increase in the number of staff, additional parking places and temporary terminals. This is how Kaunas has prepared for becoming the temporary capital of Lithuania`s aviation when, from July 14 to August 17 11:59 p.m., Vilnius Airport runway will be under reconstruction. For 35 summer days aviation activity in Vilnius Airport will not be carried out, and Kaunas Airport, with created temporary infrastructure, will be able to handle flights and passengers transferred from the main country`s air gate. In this period, it`s planned to move approx. 3100 flights and 300 thsd of passengers to Kaunas Airport.

2017 07 10

Financial incentive for the opportunity to fly to new destinations
In order to further expand the geography of flights from Lithuania, for the fifth time Lithuanian Airports is inviting airlines to fly passengers from Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports to new destinations considered to be of particular importance for the growth of the country’s economy, promotion of inbound tourism and enhancement of international business relations. Airlines that will offer such routes will be granted financial support of EUR 200 000 from the Route Development Fund. Airlines are invited to submit their applications by 27th October of this year.  

2017 07 05

Six Months at Lithuanian Airports: 15% More Flights and A New Record
Even more passengers and flights in all three airports of Lithuania and a new record. Such were the first six months of 2017 at Lithuanian Airports, which during this time handled more than 2.5 million passengers and 27,600 flights. In addition, the number of passengers at Vilnius Airport in June exceeded 414,000, i.e. over a tenth more than during the same period last year.

2017 07 04

Bomb Intimidation at the Airport Can End Up in Prison
Three years of imprisonment. This is the punishment for a false report about explosives at the airport. As the latest example of a phone call having disturbed the airport’s operation shows, retribution for this crime follows soon – law enforcement institution might pronounce the judgement and impose a punishment in less than a month.

2017 07 03

Nature’s Mischief Might Prevent Airplanes from Landing in Vilnius Airport
With the final works intended to prepare for reconstruction of Vilnius Airport taking place, poor weather conditions, rain and thunderstorm can disturb the ordinary traffic movement in the airport. To ensure passengers’ safety, the following two weeks some airplanes might be forced to land not in Vilnius but be diverted to other nearest airports.

2017 06 27

Kaunas Airport is waiting for a backup – a descent of several hundreds of employees from Vilnius
Not only the majority of flights and passengers will be transferred from Vilnius to the Kaunas Airport, which will become the Lithuanian gateway to the world for 35 summer days, in a few weeks, but also a few hundreds of employees, the majority of whom will be aviation security specialists. Moreover, the Kaunas Airport will be assisted by more than 100 temporary employees, several dozen volunteers and, if necessary, - specialists from the Palanga Airport, who will help it cope with passenger flows that will increase during the period from the 14th of July till the 18th of August.

2017 06 22

After the Territory of Vilnius Airport is Reorganised, Passengers will Enjoy a New Transport Scheme
Due to increasing numbers of passengers and flights, Vilnius Airport started reorganising the territory of the arrival terminal. As soon as in 2018, after the implementation of the reconstruction plan, taxi drivers and buses will drop off and pick up passengers at the transportation hub located farther away from the terminal, while access to the airport territory will be controlled by a barrier.

2017 06 19

Traffic Changes at the Car Park Near Vilnius Airport
Some changes have occurred near the accesses to Vilnius Airport. From today, 15 free parking minutes at the short-term car park in front of the passengers arrival terminal will be available without restrictions instead of once per day.

2017 06 16

Toilets at Vilnius Airport are being Renovated
In preparation for the runway reconstruction that will begin in less than a month, Vilnius Airport started internal restructurings by investing in major and minor repairs of toilet rooms. At the moment, some of the toilet rooms at the main airport of the country have already been repaired, while the remaining rooms are waiting for their turn. This year, toilet repairs will be completed in summer, and more changes are planned for 2018.

2017 06 15

Passenger Throughput in Vilnius Airport Increases
Air transport in Lithuania has never been more popular: this year, airport congestion reached unprecedented levels, so Lithuanian Airports took additional measures to speed up passenger registration and checks. Until the end of the next year, passenger throughput at Vilnius Airport will increase by 60%.