Airport news

2018 06 18

Flights from Vilnius to Moscow will become even more frequent by midsummer
Flights form Vilnius to Moscow will soon become even more frequent. From 1 June, Aeroflot, the largest airline in Russia, will start operating flights to Moscow not two, but three times a day. Recently, there has been an increase of passengers taking this route, so an additional flight will make planing your journey even easier.

2018 06 13

Consultation with Vilnius Airport clients
State Enterprise Lithuanian Airports announces that pursuant to the Order No 3-118 approved by the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, the formal consultation meeting between Vilnius airport and Vilnius airport users on Vilnius Airport Reconstruction Project will be held at 13:30 local time on 21 June 2018 at Vilnius airport premises.

2018 06 12

Laura Joffė starts her new job as Executive Director of Lithuanian Airports
Lithuanian Airports have a new Executive Director. On 12 June, Laura Joffė started her new job as Executive Director of Lithuanian Airports, the company uniting all three Lithuanian airports. Notably, Laura Joffė has worked for the company in the past. Over the course of her professional career, Laura Joffė gathered many years of experience working for companies in a variety of sectors. Therefore, there is no doubt that her move to Lithuanian Airports will strengthen the company’s team and help it achieve the goals set.

2018 06 11

Celebrations of two millionth passenger came a month earlier compared to last year
On 10 June, Vilnius Airport welcomed its two millionth passenger counting from the beginning of the year. Vilnius Airport achieved the milestone almost a month earlier compared to 2017 and almost a month and a half earlier than two years ago. Achieving such milestones becomes possible thanks to the stable growth of the new route expansion policy and increasing numbers of travelling passengers.

2018 05 31

To avoid missing your flight remember these two rules
Summer is a holiday season and flying abroad is becoming even more popular. Traveller numbers soar during the summer months, so in order to make you flight safely you should remember these two rules. You should leave your home on time and choose the best way to get to the airport.

2018 05 25

Lithuanian Airports to transfer record dividends to the state budget
In 2017, Lithuanian Airports enjoyed record numbers of passengers and this year they will submit the largest contribution to the state budget in the company’s history. It amounts to 3.4 million EUR, which is 1.7 million EUR more compared to the year before.

2018 05 11

Vilnius Airport terminal is undergoing renovation
The terminal will offer a wider range of services and products to the airport’s customers. This will be achieved because of the terminal’s renovation that started in March earlier this year. Although not visible to passengers, workers have been busy and have already dismantled the old terminal divider screens, escalator, and engineering systems. In addition, they began shaping the space for the new shops, as well as installing new floors and passenger lifts.

2018 04 27

Joy for families as Vilnius Airport opens a new play area
Families travelling through Vilnius Airport with young children will soon have a chance to relax before their flight. A new play area has been opened inside the airport allowing little ones to draw, explore with building blocks, or try the play station. Without doubt, some games will be attractive not just for little children, but teenagers and their parents as well.

2018 04 11

Lithuanian Airports enjoy an increase in the passenger and flight numbers in the first quarter of 2018
Following a consistent increase in the passenger and flight numbers throughout the recent years, Lithuanian Airports are continuing the trend this year. In the first quarter of 2018, all three Lithuanian airports served 8 % more flights and 16 % more passengers compared to last year’s numbers. Such optimistic results suggest that by the end of the year the number of passengers served will get close to 6 million.

2018 04 09

Flights renewal from Vilnius to Saint Petersburg
From June 01, 2018 Aviation Company «RusLine» offers the flights with the direction Vilnius - Saint Petersburg. Flights to Pulkovo airport will be operated on comfortable Canadian aircrafts Bombardier CRJ-100/200 three times a week. The flight time will be 1 hour 20 minutes.